Hawaii? Dominican? Australia? Florida? Asia? Where would you go? I would go to the Dominican! I would go there because of the ocean, the fun looking resorts, the activities, and how beautiful it looks, as well as the nice weather all year ’round! Although, there are a few questions I have.
What is the average weather like when it’s normally winter here in Canada? (November, December, January and February).
Are their lizards on the beaches and resorts?
I have a few more, but they aren’t specifically about the Dominican.
A few things I already know about the Dominican is what my aunt told me.
She said that they shake the coconut trees to get the coconuts out, so I better watch my head!
There are wild lizards, so I should watch my step!
The beaches are really nice, so I would spend all day on the beach!
You also need all of your vaccinations!
And a lot more that I can’t think of at this exact minute.

The only thing is is that my family is most likely going there in A couple of months, so I’m going to be able to go!
During the plane ride, I call window seat because I want to see how many places we go over! (And the oceans 🙂 )

This was done for the Student Blogging Challenge!

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