Pink, Purple, Green, Blue . . .

Bubble Gum (By Longeye 33) *Flickr*Colours of the rainbow, colours of markers, colours of the world, of all of the colours in the world, I have a couple favorites. Pink, purple, lime green and a light blue:) These are my favorite colours because they all remind me of different things!
Pink reminds me of bubble gum and love and purple reminds me of my friends and how they are always there for me.
Lime Green reminds me of my friends as well. It also reminds me to be happy!
Blue reminds me of the hard things in life and how you can get over them with the people that you love.
I don’t know how this could make any sense, but to me, it does! Colour’s, along with music help me express who I am.

What are your favorite colours, and why are they your favorites? I would love to hear from you!
Done for the Student Blogging Challenge 🙂

9 thoughts on “Pink, Purple, Green, Blue . . .

  1. Hi Jordyn,

    I really love your thoughts and feelings about your favourite colors…my favourite color is Lavendar, it reminds me of peace, calmness and happiness.

  2. thank you. That’s interesting. I think lavender is a nice colour. It IS a really peaceful colour.

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  4. Hi. I like lime green too but it reminds me of summer and yellow does too. My favourite colour would have to be mint green. I don’t even know why I like it. I used to hate it but now I love it. Do you like mint green?

  5. Mint Green is a nice colour:) It reminds me of mints and and spring! What does it remind you of?

  6. Great job Jordyn , im from Miss Hutchinson’s class and were connecting with your class. 🙂 Visit me at and comment thanks!

  7. Hi Jordyn,
    I have a ton of favorite colors, I love how you added what the colors make you think of. Some of my favorite colors are yellow, pink, and purple.
    Purple’s my favorite because it reminds me of my favorite college, K-State.

  8. Ruthpro: I will deffinately visit, and I hope you enjoy our blogs!

    Jordan: That’s cool. I never really realized why I liked my favourite colours until I had to write this post.

    Marksteiner710: That’s neat. Why is orange your favorite colour? I’d love to know why:)

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