Don’t Sweat it! Stay Cool!

Hot summer days, cold winter months! How do you stay cool in the summer? Or what about the winter! How do you stay warm when it’s around -10o C? It can become quite expensive to cool down, or heat up a large area! Why can’t we be like a dog and pant to cool down? Or be like geese and fly South during the cold Canadian winters?

Well, you can stay cool in the summer quite easily! Plus, you can even save money! You can go to a public pool/splash pad, unless you have your own pool. You can turn your A/C on for a couple hours in the morning and a couple hours in the evening. Your house will stay at a comfortable temperature all day/night, and you can get a relaxing sleep. An alternative to A/C is a fan. If you don’t have air conditioning, use a fan! It’s cheaper, and it does the same job!

Staying warm in the winter is yet another challenge, but it is fixed easily! Mostly all of houses built in Ontario are built with furnaces in the basements/furnace rooms! I personally wish we could fly to the Dominican or Florida instead of staying home, but whatever! Furnaces are cheaper than A/C or a trip anyways!

So, don’t sweat it! Stay cool! There are plenty alternatives as well! Like in the winter, maybe your family goes on a trip to say, Hawaii!

How would you prefer to stay warm in the winter?

How DO you stay warm in the winter?

How would you prefer to stay cool in the summer?

How DO you stay cool in the summer?

One thought on “Don’t Sweat it! Stay Cool!

  1. My preference to stay warm in the winter is to sit by the a nice warm fire. As for the summer I definitely like to cool down with a dip in my pool.

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