My Pride! Oh and You’re It!

I’m doing this post mainly for the student blogging challenge’s global meme, and once I heard about it, I wanted to make this post! So, does anyone have an accomplishment that they are proud of? I know for sure I do! But I’m only going to say a couple.
One of the biggest accomplishments in my life would probably be when I got second place in my grade 5 Spelling Bee. I know it doesn’t seem like much to you probably, but being in grade 5 and getting a trophy for just spelling things properly made me feel like I mattered. I was the only one from my school . . . Well grade technically, who made it to the second and third round! I felt special, smart, appreciated. I felt like the world . . . For once.
I say that because at my old school, no one was treated right. No one ever had something nice to say and when they did it never came out sounding like a compliment or at least what they thought was a compliment.
This brings me to my second biggest accomplishment. Getting over what happened in the past and moving back to Mount Pleasant School! I love it here! I have made so many new friends who I hope I will be friends with for a long, long time!
Since I came to Mount Pleasant, I have been on the Volleyball team and Basketball team, gotten confidence (thanks to my friends), learned that, it isn’t always about who’s better than who, and I’ve also felt comfortable! For me, it used to always be hard to feel liked and comfortable, because I used to know the people from my old school were only your friend to your face and behind your back they were your worst nightmare!
I want to thank my closest friends Nikita, Alex and many more!! You guys mean a lot to me! If it wasn’t for you guys I don’t think I’d be happy or even confident to this day.
I will thank the guys, I guess. For helping me learn that hanging out with guys, is alright because, between my old school and my dad, I never thought hanging out with guys is ‘normal.’ It’s weird how the littlest things can teach you things you should just naturally know!
One more huge accomplishment I have is getting third place in track and field for triple jump! I never thought I could get an award for track, especially since it was only my second day at Mount Pleasant. I was nervous the entire time and then when my friend, Alex and I started to hangout during track, I started to feel more comfortable and waay less lonely!
So, what are your biggest, most memorable accomplishments? I’d love to hear from you!









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Who do you think should win? Personally, I’m not sure who I would want to win because all or most of their promises are just lies so that they have more of a chance to be voted for.
If I had to have an opinion on who should win, it would be the NDP because they, to me, seem like they have a little more to offer.
So, what’s your opinion?? Please comment:DDD