University . . . Already ?

On Monday, March, 28, 2011 our class and the grade six class went to Mac Master University.
While we were there, we saw a presentation on multi-media and watched a few stop motion videos and looked at some blogs.
After we finished with the presentation, we got a tour around the lab that was paid for with a donation to Mac for $1,000,000! There are three sections to the addition. I don’t remember exactly, but the last two sections had iMac’s!
After our tour of the lab, we got to grab all of our stuff and head to the Student Center and eat some yummy Sub’s from Mr. Sub! I got Ham and Cheese 🙂
After our delish lunch, we split into groups and toured the Campus. I was in Mr. Carson’s group with JJ, Willy, Jake S, Josh H, Andy, Aura, Alex, Niki and Courtney.
We toured all over the campus and finally finished at around 1 o’clock. We went to Tim Horton’s and than went and met up with Courtney’s brother.
Finally we went and waited for the bus. We left around ten to 2 and got back to school at 2: 30-ish.
It was a fun day and I have a couple souvenir’s I’ll have for a while!